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                                                                      Watershed Management 





                                        Watershed: The region draining into a body of water. 


Lakes are often thought of as a self-contained entity, their character determined largely by the traits beneath their waves.  In reality they are mainly a product of the lands which drain to them, and will reflect the nature of those lands. Because of this, analysis and modification of watershed land uses often forms the foundation of a lake or stream improvement program. Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc. can help you to pinpoint problem areas in your watershed, assigning priority levels to areas where land-use can be improved for the protection and restoration of associated  waterways. This allows the client with limited resources to obtain the maximum benefit to the aquatic resource.   As your partner in this process Aquatic Enhancement & Survey, Inc. can be retained to organize and assist with plan implementation, helping to bring together lake residents watershed landowners, government agencies, and state, federal, and private funding sources to help bring about the best possible restoration and improvement of aquatic resources.  Feel  free to contact us to discuss analysis and management options for your watershed.